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Fishing | Lures | Izumi | Eimann Dance
Izumi Eimann Dance 31

Eimann Dance is a small stickbait or a micro-jigging lure. When falling in the water it creates the illusion of a wounded fish. Jerking with stop-and-go action is the best sort of animation for it. Eimann Dance always maintains its horizontal position during pauses and retrieves. Just a slight movement forward of your rod tip during a pause will make this bait deviate to the opposite side imitating the retreating fry. When you need a snag-proof lure to apply in a snaggy area or in spots with dense weeds, just equip Eimann Dance with the offset hook to achieve superior snag-free performance. Eimann Dance is a very special lure you can’t do without.
Art. No Running Dept Body Lenght Weight 
EIMSI08031 0-1.5 m8 cm7 g
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